Lake Liners

Lake and Reservoir Liners

Lake Liners are an integral part of lake construction where the prevention of water loss through the ground is imperative. At Inspired Liners, we are able to offer a superior lake liner proposition with our Pro Pond Liner and site surveys ensuring that planning and construction will result in a faultless lake.

This will culminate in a successful lake or pond installation, which will be healthier, promote the growth of fish and ensure a reduction in weeds – the lake will be kept watertight. In addition to this, the long-lasting life and guarantee on our heavy-duty lining product will ensure your fish lake or pond has that perfect finish for many years to come.

With the increasing pressure on the requirement to retain water, due in part to climate change, water reservation not only makes sense for the environment but also commercially. We are finding that businesses are now looking towards self-sustenance, whether it be through solar energy or harvesting of water. It is becoming very common for farms to become self-sufficient with the retention of water and this is where our Reservoir Liners can assist you.

Our Reservoir and Lake Liners are carefully selected through very strict criteria to ensure they stand up to the task at hand. The materials used are non-hazardous with long lasting and outstanding properties.

Please get in touch to discuss your water retention needs, where one of our experts will be happy to help you.

Lake Liner from Inspired Liners

Golf Courses

Installations such as a golf course where, periodically, people will need to enter a pool, require a certain level of consideration, maintenance and golf ball removal.

Ultimately, you need a product that will not puncture with foot traffic. Inspired Pro Pond Liner will out-perform Butyl, Greenseal and Firestone in this area with its superior puncture resistance. We have replaced a number of Butyl and Greenseal liners that were previously installed in golf course waterways – 95% required replacing as they had been punctured due to foot traffic.

The closure of a local golf course for repairs and maintenance can be a costly affair. Installing a pond liner that you can be confident will not require further repairs down the line is a sensible and recommended move.

Zoo’s and Other Wildlife Attractions

Paws, hooves, trotters and claws present an obvious problem for most liner membranes. Almost all large captive animals will spend a portion of the day in or around bodies of water. Ensuring bodies of water do not leak is vital.

By using our 1.5mm Inspired Pro Pond Liner, we are able to create durable and efficient waterproofing membranes for any and every shape required. The natural, light green colour to the 1.5mm Inspired extra large Pro Pond Liner gives an organic appearance and allows pools and ponds to blend into the aesthetics of the enclosure. The strength, flexibility and puncture resistance of the material allows the inhabitants of the enclosure to drink from the water’s edge and even walk directly onto the material for bathing and submerging without any concern of a damaged liner.

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