Pond Underlay

At Inspired Liners we only stock the highest quality pond liner underlay, which is sourced from a leading manufacturer in Germany. With over 30 years’ experience, we have seen all too often the results when inferior underlay or no product is used at all. It could potentially shorten the lifespan of your liner and ultimately lead to failure of your water feature or pond. Therefore, we recommend when selecting underlay from a provider, you choose the best quality underlay that fits your budget.

Our pond liner underlay is made of UV stabilised polypropylene, which is a mechanically bonded non-woven geotextile and is rot-resistant. It is a high performing protective barrier, which shouldn’t be mistaken with lower grade budget grades of pond underlay. Our pond underlay provides outstanding penetration performance against roots, rocks and stones. The underlay also offers protection against sand erosion and localised pond liner stretching. It is the ideal solution to use between liner and substrate with our natural swimming pool underlay. Its superior thickness also makes it luxury underfoot.

Key points:

  • High-quality and German manufactured
  • UV stabilised
  • Rot-resistant
  • Penetration against roots, rocks and stones
  • Protection against sand erosion
  • Available in several sizes to suit your requirements

We supply our Pond Liner Underlay and Natural Swimming Pool Underlay in two thicknesses. The Natural Swimming Pool Underlay is 500gsm, which offers maximum and increased protection, plus the added benefit of being luxury underfoot.

Our All Purpose Pond Underlay, which is used in a variety of installations such as, ponds and water features, comes in 200-250gsm depending on the quantity required. Additionally, we can supply the underlay in rolls of 50m2, 150m2 or per metre for smaller installations. This allows you to have the best options available and most suitable product for the nature of your job and location. Additionally, due to the size of underlay, we can deliver to a site of your choosing to reduce any unnecessary costs in transporting the underlay.

Underlay sizes:

  • Per metre squared 250gsm
  • 150m – 75m x 2m 200gsm
  • 50m – 25m x 2m 250gsm
  • 80m – 40m x 2m 500gsm

We highly recommend that you compare our technical specifications of our pond underlay. Please see the links below for the data sheets.

200gsm Pond Underlay Data Sheet
500gsm Pond Underlay Data Sheet