Vinyl Pond Liner

At Inspired Liners, we aim to provide our customers with only high quality pond lining solutions. Our pond liners have been carefully selected using our 30 years’ of experience and knowledge in the pond and aquatic industry.

Inspired Liners Pro Pond Liner is a high-quality professional and environmentally friendly poly vinyl chloride pond liner. It is free from cadmium and inexpensive fillers, made from only 100% pure resins, which guarantees the combination of flexibility and strength. Our vinyl liner is perfect to be used in all manner of lining projects such as:

  • Box-welded Liners
  • Ponds and water features
  • Lakes and lagoons
  • Golf courses
  • Natural swimming pools

Whether you’re a landscaper, builder or DIY enthusiast – our Pro Vinyl Liner comes in two professional grades, 0.8mm and 1.5mm. It shouldn’t be compared to other lower grade liners, which are readily available online.

Our pond liner is also proven against swelling, rotting, root penetration and ageing. Additionally, Inspired Liners Pro Vinyl Pond Liner has twice the puncture and tear resistance of conventional rubber and EPDM pond liners. The advantage isn’t only in material quality, but in price too, allowing you to save on the total cost of your pond project.

Inspired Liners Pro Vinyl Liner requires little to no maintenance once the pond liner has been installed. This reduces the time and inconvenience spent maintaining, allowing you more time to enjoy your pond.

The high-quality materials used in our vinyl liner not only hold up to UV exposure, but also extreme temperatures and conditions such as snow and frost. The pond liner has also been developed to protect against algae and bacteria. With all these added qualities, you can be assured that our liner will not split or crack. We stand by the quality of our liner and offer a lifetime guarantee*.

Our liner is pliable, flexible and shaped easily to fit the contours of your water feature, pond or natural swimming pool. The combination of flexibility and strength allows for a creative approach and the freedom to accomplish the designs for even the most challenging projects. Pro Vinyl Liner is extremely versatile and multiple panels can be welded together at our leading fabrication facility or on-site for larger projects.

All of our flat sheet liners, up to 8 metres wide, are kept in stock to ensure they are available for next day delivery. If the liner is over 8 metres wide it will need to be fabricated and you will be advised of the lead-time when you place your order. Please bear in mind that during the busiest seasons (Spring and Summer), we recommend that you plan in advance and order your liner ahead of when it is required to avoid disappointment.

The largest size of Pro Vinyl Pond Liner available to be delivered in one flat sheet is 33m x 33m. On-site welding is available for this material for larger ponds, natural swimming pools and lakes. We have an on-site welded liner for lakes in excess of 150 metres in this material.

0.8mm Vinyl Liner Data Sheet
1.5mm Vinyl Liner Data Sheet

Product Details:

  • Over twice the tear and puncture resistance of rubber and EPDM liners
  • Best liner available for ponds, lakes and natural swimming pools
  • The only Box-welded material with a lifetime guarantee in the UK
  • Cost saving against Greenseal, Firestone and Butyl
  • Available in 0.8mm (Black) and 1.5mm (Green)
  • UV-resistant
  • Rot-resistant
  • Reclaimed-rubber-free and cadmium-free
  • 100% pure resin for high flexibility

Sample Packs

If you would like to order a liner sample pack to compare the quality, liability, tear and puncture strength, please get in touch with our team.

*Guarantee is 25 years when the liner is installed with our underlay