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High Quality Professional Grade Pond Liners. Firestone, Greenseal and PVC Pond Liners with lifetime guarantees.

Inspired Pond Liners

Welcome to Inspired Pond Liners. We are a leading pond liner manufacturer and supplier in the UK. Our specialty is in the supply of preformed pond liners, box welded pond liners as well as flexible pond liners for gardens, natural swimming ponds and swimming of any nature.

We have over 30 years of experience supplying landscape and pond products. We regularly work on commercial aquatics projects of all sizes. Not only are we able to provide advice on your pond liner needs, our team can also assist with filtration and equipment requirements.

At Inspired By Water, we only sell quality pond liners – our most popular 0.8mm pond liner is manufactured in Germany and comes with a lifetime guarantee. We also supply rubber pond liners such as EPDM, Firestone and Butyl liners.

Our Pond Liners


Not only do we sell Pond Liner, we provide our clients with a one one stop proposition for all your pond needs. You can read more about other services and projects we work on at our main website.

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Pond & Water Feature Design

Pond Equipment Supply

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Boxwelded Pond Liners

A box-welded pond liner is a pond liner made to the exact specification, measurements and dimensions which results in a perfect fit. There are several reasons why a box-welded pond liner may be a better solution for your pond, water feature or natural swimming pool.

To find out more click below or check out our dedicated boxwelded pond liner website.

Our Boxweld Liners

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