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Welcome to Inspired Pond Liners. We are a leading pond liner manufacturer and supplier in the UK. Our specialty is in the supply of preformed pond liners, box welded pond liners as well as flexible pond liners for gardens, natural swimming ponds and swimming pools. We produce reservoir liners, lake liners and are able to accommodate large projects of any nature. 

Inspired Liners has over 30 years of experience supplying landscape and pond products. We regularly work on commercial aquatics projects of all sizes. Not only are we able to provide advice on your pond liner needs, our team can also assist with filtration and equipment requirements.

At Inspired Liners we only sell quality pond liners – our most popular 0.8mm pond liner is manufactured in Germany and comes with a lifetime guarantee. We also supply rubber pond liners such as EPDM, Firestone and Butyl liners.

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Box-Welded Liners

A Box-Welded Liner is a prefabricated pond liner made to exact measurements and dimensions. Anything from simple shaped ponds to the more sophisticated and complicated forms can be catered for.

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Liner Installation

We offer a National and European Liner installation service where our highly skilled installers, who are fully qualified and trained, are available to install your liner and pond underlay no matter the difficulty.

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Flat Sheet Liners

A flat sheet pond liner is the most common kind of pond liner that is available to buy. They are extremely versatile and are suitable for most pond installations, such as water features or ponds.

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Site Surveys

We offer a site survey and measuring service, where one of our highly-qualified specialist engineers can come to your location and undertake a survey, which can be tailored to your requirements.

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Large-Scale Lining Solution

At Inspired Liners, we are able to offer a superior lake lining proposition with our Pro Pond Liner and site surveys ensuring that planning and construction will result in a faultless lake.

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Slurry Lagoon Liners

A strong long-lasting liner is imperative for slurries, which will ensure the water is kept tight, protecting the environment and your water source.

No job too small

We work with commercial clients, tradesmen and members of the public alike.