Choosing the Correct Pond Liner – Box-welded liners

When it comes to constructing your pond, selecting a pond liner is one of the major key components. However, at Inspired Liners, we understand that it is one of the less interesting components in a garden landscaping project.

Is a Box-Welded Liner pond liner right for your pond?

A box-welded pond liner can and should be considered for the majority of pond installations. There are very few instances where a preformed pond liner would not be suitable. However, these are rare occurrences, which are caused mainly because of technical limitations.

Box liners for ponds are much more versatile when compared to the normal pond liners. They can be customised for any type or shape of a pond you may desire. Since the box liners for ponds are pre-made, it significantly reduces the installation time for them. They are tailored to fit each individual pond, so they slide in quick and easy and have a snug fit. This reduces the requirement to be pulled to-and-fro that as with a normal pond liner. Box-weld ensures that there is no stretching that could cause potential rips.  

A preformed pond liner eliminates any possibility of creasing in the ponds due to customisable fit. This ensures the pond is looking its best and doesn’t have any unsightly folds. An additional benefit to this means that debris, detritus and silt will not get accumulated in the creases. This contributes to the quality and the longevity of the water in a pond. Creases are nurseries for bacteria colonies to grow, some of which can be harmful to the aquatic life. One of the lesser overlooked benefits of pond box liner is that it is easier to maintain and clean as compared to an ordinary pond liner.

box welded liner

The perfect finish. A box-weld liner doesn’t have any creases.

Overall, box-welded liners require considerably less effort and time. This is a huge benefit in saving resources, time and cost when constructing yours or your client’s pond.

box-welded liner

Creases and folds that come with an off the shelf flat sheet liner.

How much does a box-welded pond liner cost?

Bespoke preformed liners/box-welded liners do cost marginally more than a normal off-the-shelf pond liner. The bigger the liner size, the smaller the difference in price. However, once you consider the benefits, long term costs and factors, box-welded liners are a very convenient and affordable option.

As long as box-welded pond liners’ prices are concerned, we offer very competitive prices to all our customers. This is to ensure that you get the best box-weld liner for the most affordable prices in the aquatics market. If you would like to get a quote from us now, just send us all the dimensions and specifications of your water feature. If you are unable to spare time to measure your pond’s dimensions, we can send over one of our employees to do it for you.

The box-welded pond liners that we produce at ‘Inspired Liners’ are of extremely high-quality. The pond liner is crafted at our mechanised factory with the best raw materials available. Our bespoke pond box liners have been a part of many water bodies and ponds throughout the European and domestic gardens in the United Kingdom. We pride ourselves on our extensive experience and the excellent quality we ensure to all our customers. We can fashion a box-weld liner for the simplest to the most complicated ponds.

Our company has built wonderful relationships with all our clients all over Europe. We have a collective experience of 30 years, which is why we can give good expert advice to you. Our passion for aquatics is the main contributor to our good name in the market. We make customer service our priority. We are a big firm, yet even the smallest of our customers mean everything to us.


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