Flat Sheet Liners

A flat sheet pond liner is the most common kind of vinyl pond liner that is available to buy. They are extremely versatile and are suitable for most pond lining installations, such as water features or ponds. A flat sheet pond liner can be folded into corners to create more of a form-fitting shape and will follow the contours of an evacuation. If you need to calculate your vinyl pond liner size, take a moment to use our pond liner calculator here.

We stock a large variety of high-quality flat sheet pond liners, which includes vinyl, EPDM and Firestone liner. The vinyl pond liners are cut off the roll to order, allowing us to provide a very swift fulfilment service. From the product being ordered, to the liner arriving with you, the vast majority of liners will be dispatched same working day for a free delivery next working day.

The largest size of Pro Vinyl Pond Liner available to be delivered in one flat sheet is 33m x 33m, however, on-site welding is available for this material for larger ponds. Should you require a larger pond liner, please don’t hesitate to contact us or read our Large-Scale Lining Solutions page and our Liner Installation page for details on how we can help you.

Flat Sheet Pond Liner benefits:

  • Available for next day delivery on most sizes
  • Flat sheets available in high-quality materials
  • Suitable for most pond installations
  • Cost-effective options available