Liner Installation

At Inspired Liners we have vast experience in pond liner installation for all sizes of water features, natural swimming pools, ponds, lakes and reservoirs. We offer a National and European Liner installation service where our highly skilled installers, who are fully qualified and trained, are available to install your liner and pond underlay no matter the difficulty.

We do endeavour to fabricate our high-quality natural swimming pool and pond liners where possible in our factory to ease the requirement to do on-site welding and joins. In the instance that we are unable to supply the pond liner in a single sheet form, our on-site installation team can come to the construction site and undertake the welding process on your behalf. Depending on the difficulty and shape of the pond liner, the number of panels will vary to ensure delivery and access to the construction zone to allow for easier handling and a seamless pond liner installation process.

Pond liner installation service benefits:

  • Available for National and European pond installations
  • Can assist your team or undertake the whole installation
  • Allows you/your team to focus on other aspects of project
Pond Liner Installation Photos

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If you require further information on our pond liner installation service or one of the other many liner propositions, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our experienced team.